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What's Waldorf? and Why waldorf? Why reading and

writing is not introduced in kindergarten? These were the

questions I had before joining the Vels academy. Then I came

to realize that...Waldorf is a child centered curriculum that is

based on a scientific understanding of how the human body

and the soul develops.

Here at the Vels Academy our children really loves to

come to school with joy.. If you ask a kindergarten child,

"What do you do the whole day in school?' The answer they would be…

be give is so simple They say that we were singing and

playing. At The Vels Academy our children in the

kindergarten are allowed to be children, where they learn by

playing, doing and imitating.

Every aspect of the curriculum that is introduced in each

grade is brought based on the knowledge of how the child's

inner life is unfolding at that stage, which is to really wait

until they are ready or hungry for it to know and  learn.

When we introduce them what to do and how to do... then

they take it up with great enthusiasm rather than feeling

pressured to do.

I'm absolutely proud about our children at The Vels

Academy who are strong and confident, who also knows how

to relate to the people ... how to live with nature and think

creative to face the real world. I'm really happy and

joyful to enlighten our future generation at the Vels Academy

as a Waldorf teacher.

Mrs.Yogitha | Primary Facilitator



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