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The Vels Academy embodies reverence, resilience, and compassion. Through its mission of nurturing human consciousness and promoting personal development, it encourages a sense of respect and awe for life. The Vels Academy's commitment to making education accessible to all reflects its resilient dedication to equality. By fostering compassion and celebrating diversity, The Vels Academy creates an environment that prepares students to navigate life with empathy and strength.

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Evolving Consciousness Together

The Vels Academy is dedicated to advancing human consciousness through everyday actions and broader initiatives. Rooted in values of personal growth, connection to the Earth, and peace, The Vels Academy makes Waldorf education accessible to all, fostering a diverse community that celebrates equality and individual potential. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner's philosophy, their vision prioritizes intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual development, shaping self-determined individuals equipped for life's journey.

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Holistic Nurturing Of The Child

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Nestled Between Nature

Welcome to our eco-friendly campus spread across 5 acres of lush land. We prioritize sustainability, constructing buildings with minimal paint for a natural feel. 250 trees create a serene atmosphere, highlighting our commitment to nature. We're plastic-free, promoting reusable items like steel bottles. Through hands-on experiences, we educate students about conservation and sustainability. Join us in nurturing an eco-conscious community.

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At The  Vels' Academy  embrace, knowledge finds its home, Values firm and true, a noble path to roam. 

Consciousness evolves, through each act and way, Reverence, resilience, compassion guide the day.

Earth's bond revered, diversity their song, Steiner's wisdom shared, for minds to grow strong. 

In The Vels Academy's halls, dreams take flight, Nurturing hearts and souls, in wisdom's light.

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Waldorf education is concerned with the whole child as an
evolving human being. 

Strengths and weaknesses may actually be shown much more clearly through artistic activities, muscular coordination,

or speech patterns. 

Nature Walk, Crafts, Drawing, Cooking, Painting, and
Beeswax Modelling are included as activities. Throughout the
year, we celebrate festivals that connect us with the cycles of


The Vels Academy involves the acquisition of excellent study habits as a skill which together with an enquiring mind form the basis for a lifelong love of learning.

The primary curriculum has been developed with these objectives in mind. Children explore the three frames of learning viz Proficiency, Experiential and Thematic schemes


Middle & High

At The Vels Academy, we believe that a strong foundation in primary education is key to a student's future success. That's why we have incorporated the Cambridge Primary curriculum into our program, which is specifically designed to provide students with a seamless transition into middle years curriculum, such as Cambridge Lower Secondary.



Unveiling the Heart of The Vels Academy 

Step into a world where passion meets purpose!

At The Vels Academy, our staff members are more than just a team – we're a family that thrives on shared dreams and aspirations. 

Dive into the enriching experiences of our proud staff as they share their journey within our vibrant campus. From the echoing halls of knowledge to the camaraderie that fills the air, every moment at The Vels Academy is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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We are Excited to Host
"Festival of Anthroposophy:2023"

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