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Waldorf education is concerned with the whole child as an evolving human being. For this reason, TVA does not rely onstandardized testing as an evaluation tool. Strengths and weaknesses may actually be shown much more clearly through artistic activities, muscular coordination, or speech patterns. A part of the weekly faculty meetings is allocated to evaluating each and every child from the teacher’s perspective, which provides a more comprehensive picture.

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The social mission of The Vels Academy is to encourage the evolution of the human consciousness through our activities, from every day to the large scale. We encourage the right of everyone to freely develop her and his capacities to become the best human being imaginable. Throughout our ecosystem, we highlight serving others, honouring our connection to the Earth, and promoting peace.

Created on these values, our Academy endeavours to make Waldorf education accessible to all children irrespective of economic circumstances, and celebrates the gifts that a diverse community brings to us. We believe that all human beings should be preserved with equal dignity and respect. In all of these ways, we strive to be a model of how the larger world should be.

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The Vels Academy is devoted to fostering and nurturing the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual evolution of each student so they may endure life's expedition as an unrestricted, gifted, and self-determining individual. We are committed to the ideals, educational philosophy, perception of human development, and spiritual impulses set forth by Rudolf Steiner as a pedagogy derived from the insights of the Austrian-born scientist, philosopher, artist, and educator.

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