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About TVA

The Vels Academy is Erode’s first ever Waldorf-inspired Cambridge school started with a passion, taking into account of the needs of the whole child - academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual-the willing, feeling, and thinking

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Our Philosophy

The Vels Academy nurtures in the children a feeling of curiosity, respect for life, and respect for self and others through our curriculum, commemorations, and sense of community. The teachers, staffs, parents, and friends work together to support the children as they move forward in their intellectual, emotive, and social development.


Welcome to our eco-friendly campus nestled on 5 acres of lush green land. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and have constructed our school with utmost care for the environment. Our buildings are designed to minimize the usage of paint, ensuring a healthier and more natural learning environment for our students.

As you step onto our campus, you'll be greeted by over 250 majestic trees, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. These trees not only provide shade and beauty but also serve as a reminder of our dedication to preserving nature.
We are proud to be a plastic-free zone, taking a stand against single-use plastics and promoting sustainable alternatives.

Our students are encouraged to bring their stainless-steel water bottles and lunch containers, reducing waste and minimizing our ecological footprint.

At our campus, we believe in nurturing a love for the environment in our students. We provide hands-on experiences and educational programs that foster an understanding of the importance of conservation and sustainable practices.

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