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Admissions & Enrollment

Admissions open for 2024-25

Pre-Kg - Grade VII



Admission to The Vels Academy is open to students who can benefit from the educational services currently provided by our programs. Our purpose is to provide an outstanding educational program with Quality and Holistic-Based Education. Every child deserves an academic, physical, emotional, and spiritual-the willing, feeling, and thinking learning environment that encourages and supports their full potential.

The Vels Academy offers admissions to Pre-Primary and Grades 1 to 6.

For more information call

+91 94875 89087

Application Documentation:

The admission process is followed by  submission of application document in Admission Office.

Documents required for admission:

  • 2 recent color photos.

  • A copy of the Birth certificate of the student.

  • A copy of the Aadhaar card of the student.

  • Transfer Certificate from the previous school.

  • Transport requisition form.

  • Contact numbers of the parent(s) or Guardian(s)-at least two contacts

Age Criteria:

  • A student seeking admission at The Vels Academy will be processed based on the following Age guidelines provided by the Department of School Education.


2 years 11 months & above 

3 years 11 months & above 

4 years 11 months & above 

5 years 11 months & above 



KG - 1

KG - 2



6 years 11 months & above 

7 years 11 months & above 

8 years 11 months & above 

9 years 11 months & above 







10 years 11 months & above

11 years 11 months & above 

12 years 11 months & above 

13 years 11 months & above 






14 years 11 months & above 


15 years 11 months & above 

16 years 11 months & above 






  • How do students do when they leave a Waldorf school?
    Waldorf students graduate with a wide set of well-developed skills and studies show that they are very successful after their schooling. Many colleges and businesses report how much they value Waldorf students because they demonstrate great flexibility with critical thinking skills and have strong, healthy social skills, in particular. The following is a profile of a typical Waldorf graduate from statistics compiled by Waldorf Schools in Worldwide. Attends college after graduating from a Waldorf high school (94%) Undergraduate majors: Arts/Humanities (47%), Math/Sciences (42%) Graduates or is about to graduate (88%) Practices and values life-long learning (91%) Is self-reliant and highly values self-confidence (94%) Expresses a high level of consciousness in making relationships work – both at home and on the job, highly valuing verbal expression (93%) and critical thinking (92%) Is highly satisfied with the choice of occupation (89%) Highly values interpersonal relationships (96%) Highly values tolerance of other viewpoints (90%) At work, cares most about ethical principles (82%) and values helping others (82%) Waldorf graduates attend many of the most prestigious colleges and universities around the world and continue on to lead successful and meaningful lives. Waldorf graduates can be found in all professional fields and some have even gone on to be Nobel Prize winners, world leaders, and heads of state.
  • What is Eurythmy?
    Eurythmy is an artistic form of movement developed by Rudolf Steiner and taught in all Waldorf schools worldwide. It provides a meaningful way to express musical tones and human speech through movement. The practice of this new art help students with physical coordination, body geography, spacial awareness, sensitivity, and accuracy in their listening skills, as well as providing a controlled and meaningful form of personal expression.
  • How do Waldorf schools work with competition?
    Competition is a natural human trait but has become disproportionately emphasized in today’s fast paced world. Children naturally rank themselves within their social group but Waldorf children also learn to be inclusive of others. One may be admiring of another’s talents and skills and that admiration should develop into an attitude of active emulation rather than becoming divisive jealousy. Every person has something to offer others and from which we all can learn, By encouraging a healthy balance between cooperation and competition, we can create an environment which honors every child and is beneficial to all.
  • What are the Age Criteria being followed?
    Pre-KG – 2 years 11 Months+ , KG – 3 years 11 Months+ , Grade I – 5 years 11 Months+ , and so on…
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