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Waldorf education is concerned with the whole child as an
evolving human being. 

Strengths and weaknesses may actually be shown much more clearly through artistic activities, muscular coordination,

or speech patterns. 

Nature Walk, Crafts, Drawing, Cooking, Painting, and
Beeswax Modelling are included as activities. Throughout the
year, we celebrate festivals that connect us with the cycles of



 The Vels Academy involves the acquisition of excellent study habits as a skill which together with an enquiring mind form the basis for a lifelong love of learning.

The primary curriculum has been developed with these objectives in mind. Children explore the three frames of learning viz Proficiency, Experiential and Thematic schemes


Middle & High

At The Vels Academy, we believe that a strong foundation in primary education is key to a student's future success. That's why we have incorporated the Cambridge Primary curriculum into our program, which is specifically designed to provide students with a seamless transition into middle years curriculum, such as Cambridge Lower Secondary.

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