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Our Team

Our Trust SKParamasivan Lakshmiammal Educational foundation has been established since 2015 with a vision to provide holistic learning in children. Other than the school The Vels Academy, the trust also conducts teacher training programs, assessment, counselling and placement of children with learning problems, Vyasa Reader N Writer program, remedial centre at schools, Parenting workshops etc.

Shri S. K. Paramasivan - Chairman


Our chairman brings in his 98 years of experience as a Gandhian, principled member of parliament under prime minister ship of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indragandhi, founder chairman of Erode Aavin, Cooperative society and Marketing society and much more. His contribution to the community has set us a role model to serve with a holistic approach. He always believes "Education is like creating an environment for a sapling to grow and a child should be nourished by creating a practical learning environment "

Ms. Gayathri Elango - Director


As a psychologist and special educator she heads the school team and she strongly believes learning as a "process and not a product". She has established learning support centres and runs her reading and writing program in renowned institutions and is also teacher trainer in handling children to nourish learning. Vyasa reader n writer is a innovative movement based reading and writing program that nurtures skills without any stress. We bring in this Vyasa approach to reading n writing through her extensive  research in helping children read n write for the past 15 years. She runs this program in various schools across the state. The school is a passionate model of her 15 years of experience in the field of education. Her mantra for learning is "Laying the early foundation in learning process helps in holistic child development ".

Mr. V. S. Elango - Director

V.S.Elango As an active businessman and a passionate agriculturalist he has been an instrumental force to set up one of its kind school with organic natural learning spaces with a farm schooling concept.

Ms. Dharani Sriram - Advisor


Dharani Sriram She brings in her 16 years of her corporate experience as Senior manager at SAP labs and guides the teacher team to build their soft skills.

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