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The harmonious balanced Greek period of childhood is ending and a willful, muscular Roman period is beginning. At this time, there is a false dawn of intellectual consciousness as the child’s feeling perception passes over to the world of ideas. This is not the same as the critical, independent thinking and judging that will come after the age of fourteen: it is instead a feeling approach to thinking.

The sixth grader likewise has left the dreamy childhood consciousness and is entering awake adolescence. Although we might call their emerging intellect a 'false' dawn of intellectual consciousness, the sixth grader is none-the-less hungry to use their developing intellectual capacity. Our approach can be completely factual and grounded in the world while at the same time staying connected to the child and so relevant.

In summary, sixth grade marks the beginning of middle school and the teacher must be able to transform them self and teaching to meet these more demanding academic and social needs.

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