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· Soul is strong but clumsy at first to get accustomed to the body.

· Don't let all the naughtiness of the children be reproved.

· Initially for a child's soul it is difficult to find a way into body through bones, ligaments etc..

· Child's nature is of god and he has descended to earth - teacher should have great reverence and fill this in their heart before they start their work as educators.

· There is difference in the mannerism of soul before and after he coming to earth.

· Only natural scientists and physicians know what is present in the inner part of the body whereas common people don't even know where their heart and lungs.

· We build up our karma with accordance to previous earth life experiences.

· We have no longing of curiosity, knowledge and desire of the external life before birth.

· Before descending to earth we live entirely in outer world. So there is no distinction between outer and inner world for all that is within us.

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