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Education of the child:

If we need to know the nature of human being, we must consider the hidden human nature. First essential element in human body is physical body. Physical body is made up of substances and forces as like the mineral kingdom. The second essential principle is the life body or etheric body. In the earlier time, people considered the force which converts lifeless creation into living creature as vital force. Those forces work in a complicated way to build a complex structure.

Modern science assumes everything through intellectual concepts and considers sense experiences to be the foundation and those that cannot be built on this foundation is taken as unknowable. Spiritual science compares modern science with a blind person because the higher organs of perception is the not been developed. These higher organs are present in the embryo of every human being and can develop these higher organs through patience, endurance and energy.

Physical and etheric body in relation to human and plant kingdom. Etheric body has reproduction, growth and development in common with human and animal. The third member, Astral body is responsible for emotions. this astral body is absent in creatures that has only physical and etheric body. physical body is made up of finer substances. Etheric body-active forces, astral body-vehicle of sensation. The fourth member is the ego body which differentiates the other creatures from human.

The continuous act of ego body over years has brought a change in physical body and civilization.

Conscience arises in a human being when people start perceiving good and bad things and when this perception passes into the etheric body as impressions. Learning relates to the astral body and whereas other transformations are related to etheric body. Transformation of astral body is compared to clock's minute hand and life body is compared to hour hand. We have to work out the transformations with more consciousness so that it becomes our habit and our life body transforms into life spirit or buddhi.

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