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Body, Soul & Spirit

•In good children the spirit has not yet incarnated with the body. Such children are quiet and make no noise.

•In less well behaved children the spirit is active but in a clumsy way. The spirit is making use of the body.

•It is easy to be an adult for the spirit because the body has been made ready , no longer resisting the spirit.

•But it is difficult for a child . The child itself is not conscious about the fact of his pre-earthly condition. Or else it would be a tragedy

•The first body we get, is from our parents and it is the model. Second body is inherited from the first body and it appears at the end of seven years or change of teeth

•Both weak and strong individualities descend to earth but they can be differentiated through their teeth. Strong individualities have strong second teeth

•Heredity only applies to the first seven years of life and after that age what we do is out of our own free will.

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